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Apr 27

More Foreclosure Officials Suffer Credibility Problems

Slammed by a financial crisis created by greedy financial institutions, homeowners are quickly finding new foes to blame for their continued suffering: Foreclosure fighters in government positions who have a tendency to sell out. To date, the Federal Reserve has found no wrongful foreclosures, the FBI says there’s no proof of financial crimes regarding the …

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Jan 31

Who Can Really Help You When You Are Dealing With Foreclosure?

This week, the financial crisis inquiry commission has released is 600+ page final findings. New Regulations and reforms to the mortgage market are seen as inevitable, but so far homeowners are not receiving much help from these investigations: Recently Sheila Bair, chairman of the FDIC, proposed a wrongful foreclosure commission that would create a fund …

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Nov 03

Politicians Still Looking for Foreclosure Solutions

Politicians Still Looking for Foreclosure Solutions So far foreclosure hearings are still being canceled in large amounts in Florida as elsewhere, as banks are forced to review thousands of foreclosures for bad paperwork. This has resulted in select cases being thrown out, but mostly has cast many struggling borrowers deeper into limbo as it becomes …

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