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Oct 29

Should You Request Mortgage Forbearance?

Requesting ForbearanceSuccessful Foreclosure Defense

Our series continues by exploring the topic of mortgage forbearance and the information homeowners should know when requesting forbearance. Homeowners facing imminent foreclosure can request their lending financial institution to delay the foreclosure, and can catch up with their payments within an agreed upon time frame in order to avoid the foreclosure altogether. The delaying of the …

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Dec 15

Foreclosure Help from…Occupy Wall Street?

Occupy Wall Street

Struggling with continuous evictions and attempting to confront economic issues at the same time, the 3 months old Occupy Wall Street movement is setting its sights on the foreclosure crisis. Championed by occupyourhomes.org, participants all across America are now learning about subprime mortgages and wrongful foreclosures and interacting with homeowners in mortgage problems to see …

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Dec 05

Two News Stories Show the Fight to Stay Housed in 2011

Two News Stories Show the Fight to Stay Housed in 2011   60 Minutes is out with another hard-hitting expose on the destruction of America’s middle class: “Hard Times Generation” revisits Central Florida to interview more of its suffering and struggling former homeowners. Watch the 60 Minutes piece: Hard Times Generation Another more atypical and …

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Nov 15

Will The Independent Foreclosure Review Help You?

According to the OCC’s new program, up to 4.5 million homeowners who had foreclosures filed against them in 2009 & 2010 will be eligible to have their foreclosures reviewed with an Independent Foreclosure Review to see if there is or was improper or fraudulent activity in their case. Is There A Catch? OCCLike most of …

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Nov 10

The Housing Industry You Can Depend On – Wrongful Foreclosure


“He was on his second trial modification, the last time his trial modification wasn’t converted to a permanent modification for some unknown reason, but Bank of America is here to help homeowners and they were nice enough to let him reapply…and so he did. This is the start of one homeowners nightmare with a wrongful …

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