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Oct 10

Anti-Debt Movement Sweeps Country, Camps Spring Up Across Florida

Originally a day to show support for the 6 month anniversary of the anti-austerity movement in Spain, in just a few weeks October 15th, 2011, became a global day of action against bank bailouts, budget cuts, and corporate greed. While a lot of the attention was on the 100,000 people in Rome, the strikes in …

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Oct 06

Join the homeowners occupation movement


A volatile stock market, a financial sector is scrambling to stay afloat, and anti-bank animosity is pouring out in the streets of America. It’s looking like 2008 all over again! But perhaps the main lesson to get out of the new “Occupy Wall Street” occupation movement is that the ’08 financial crisis never ended – …

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Jul 06

The Great Depression vs. The Great Housing Crisis of 2011

During the Great Depression of the 1920′s, home prices in the U.S. declined 31%. Compare that to the 33% they have fallen since the home market began its collapse in 2006.   These prices are actually expected to fall even lower. In addition, underwriting standards have become more stringent. More than four in every five mortgages …

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