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Aug 05

Could You Be Eligible for A Refinance Soon?

As shortly as next week the White House will be announcing a new mortgage relief program. While the details are unclear it is expected to finally break the negative equity wall and begin to allow homeowners who are “not seriously delinquent” an opportunity to refinance – that’s right, there will be criteria under which underwater …

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Jul 06

The Great Depression vs. The Great Housing Crisis of 2011

During the Great Depression of the 1920′s, home prices in the U.S. declined 31%. Compare that to the 33% they have fallen since the home market began its collapse in 2006.   These prices are actually expected to fall even lower. In addition, underwriting standards have become more stringent. More than four in every five mortgages …

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May 12

Underwater Kingdom

Zillow’s report on house prices for the first quarter of 2011 were released today, and the report shows a real-estate market that is perhaps in its worse state of crisis yet. Several reviews of this report still have the nerve to use terms such as “recovery” and claim that prices will hit the bottom soon. …

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