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Sep 19

Selling Foreclosures to the Highest Bidder

Bank Apathy

Do you think it is right that Fannie Mae has recently completed a deal with California based company, Pacifica, to sell off over 699 occupied and vacant single-family homes?   Whether you feel it’s right or wrong, on September 6th Fannie Mae closed the deal worth over $12 million to sell off homes located throughout …

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Dec 20

Independent foreclosure review forms arrive in the mail

Don’t Miss A Chance at an Independent Foreclosure Review! Homeowners with foreclosure problems get a lot of strange offers in the mail, but if you got one  talking about an Independent Foreclosure Review, DON’T THROW IT OUT! The government has finally enacted a program that intends to comepensate homeowners, who after being reviewed, are found to …

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Oct 06

Join the homeowners occupation movement


A volatile stock market, a financial sector is scrambling to stay afloat, and anti-bank animosity is pouring out in the streets of America. It’s looking like 2008 all over again! But perhaps the main lesson to get out of the new “Occupy Wall Street” occupation movement is that the ’08 financial crisis never ended – …

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Jun 16

Good vs Evil – Protecting Homeowners

Stand Up and Be Counted by supporting Elizabeth Warren to head up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. All it takes to make a difference is a phone call to the White House in support of Professor Warren. With our past support, Ms. Warren has persevered even though many powerful bankers want her GONE! The banking …

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May 12

Underwater Kingdom

Zillow’s report on house prices for the first quarter of 2011 were released today, and the report shows a real-estate market that is perhaps in its worse state of crisis yet. Several reviews of this report still have the nerve to use terms such as “recovery” and claim that prices will hit the bottom soon. …

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