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Sep 13

The Road to Nowhere – Negotiating With the Bank

With the upcoming elections it seems all the talk is about the economy and how to get us turned back around. President Obama says there isn’t going to be housing decline and the Romney camp is working hard to sell the message of hope and inspiration which make up the American Dream.  Are we headed …

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Mar 08

Hardship Letter Tips for a Successful Loan Modification

Hardship Letter Tips for your Loan Workout If you are trying to obtain a loan modification or other loan workout plan, then your bank’s guidelines are going to require that you write a hardship letter. What is a Hardship Letter? A hardship letter is required by lenders when negotiating a loan modification or any loan …

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Apr 01

7 Simple Things You Can Do to Ensure Yourself a Better Loan Modification

We have compiled this list of easy things you can do while trying to obtain a loan modification. It’s a very detailed and thorough process, but if you begin by choosing a successful law firm and following these steps, you’ll be on the right track for great results that you can afford. 1. Decide what …

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