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Oct 05

5 Major Foreclosure Myths Debunked

Top Foreclosure Myths Debunked

Foreclosure can be one of the most disheartening events a homeowner can experience. However, many foreclosures could have easily been prevented if homeowners knew the truth behind some of the top foreclosure myths that circulate the housing industry. We’re going to dive into the top 5 major foreclosure myths that will help you clearly understand …

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Dec 20

Independent foreclosure review forms arrive in the mail

Don’t Miss A Chance at an Independent Foreclosure Review! Homeowners with foreclosure problems get a lot of strange offers in the mail, but if you got one  talking about an Independent Foreclosure Review, DON’T THROW IT OUT! The government has finally enacted a program that intends to comepensate homeowners, who after being reviewed, are found to …

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Sep 05

Did you know your taxes have to be filed to get a loan modification

For those that haven’t experienced the pain firsthand yet, you should know that tax forms are one of the most frequent and annoying requests that your mortgage lender will ask of you in the process of applying for a loan modification. So if you need to get your mortgage current and have unfiled taxes you’d …

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