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Oct 10

Anti-Debt Movement Sweeps Country, Camps Spring Up Across Florida

Originally a day to show support for the 6 month anniversary of the anti-austerity movement in Spain, in just a few weeks October 15th, 2011, became a global day of action against bank bailouts, budget cuts, and corporate greed. While a lot of the attention was on the 100,000 people in Rome, the strikes in …

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Jul 28

Unpaid Taxes Piling Up Everywhere

The certainty of taxes is a topic of fierce debate in our nation’s capital these days, but for most Americans, things haven’t changed much – record amounts of people owe taxes that they can’t realistically pay. In an attempt to highlight their own state’s money woes, Wisconsin recently released a list of their top 100 …

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Jul 13

Announcing Our New IRS Debt Settlement Services

In the course of personally discussing issues with our clients, we have come to the realization that due to current economic pressures many of these homeowners are also in dire need of IRS tax relief.  The IRS is broke and, consequently, aggressively hammering people to pay their back taxes.  They are taking a much more …

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