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Aug 16

Testimonial – Amerihope Alliance Has a “Passion for Helping Their Clients”

We just received this shining review from one of our clients. Read on to hear how she explains her relationship with our firm and the results we obtained for her.   We all read enthusiastic reviews on the internet about how Blah product or service is fabulous, but this company gives new meaning to the …

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Jul 22

Super Successful Loan Mods of the Week

Before: These Florida homeowners were past due $173,115.13 or 34 monthly mortgage payments. Their monthly payment was $2,174.71 with a fixed interest rate at 7%. After: Payment decreased by 1,154.38. Loan balance will be decreased by $108,241.18. Homeowners received a permanent loan modification with Bank of America with a new monthly mortgage payment of $1,020.33 …

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Jul 11

Amerihope Alliance Legal Services Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Amerihope Alliance Legal Services, a premier loan modification/foreclosure defense law firm, is proud to celebrate our third anniversary of successfully assisting homeowners in their time of need.  We have performed approximately 100 successful loan modifications per month since beginning our efforts in 2008, completing a total of approximately 3,500 in three years.  In addition to …

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May 26

$130k Loan Modification Reduces Our Clients’ Mortgage by 52%

This week we’re featuring a successful loan modification negotiated through a conciliation conference with the homeowner’s lender, Ocwen. A Shared Appreciation Modification (SAM) can often result in an incredibly high principal reduction – in this case, $130,549.41! In return the borrower promises to share 25% of any future appreciated value in the home.

May 13

Super Successful Loan Modifications of The Week

Before: Homeowner was 11 months behind on monthly mortgage payments of $1,765.72 with an interest rate of 6.75%. After: Homeowners were approved for a permanent Nationstar loan modification through the Making Home Affordable program (HAMP). They are saving $689.58 per month with their new monthly mortgage payments of $1,076.14. Their interest rate will be 2% …

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