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Nov 02

HAMP: An Overview


Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) is a program initiated by the Obama administration in order to help homeowners who are employed, but are still struggling with their payments. At first there was much debate about the program within the financial and political sector, but ever since its introduction, HAMP has proven itself to be a …

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Oct 29

Should You Request Mortgage Forbearance?

Requesting ForbearanceSuccessful Foreclosure Defense

Our series continues by exploring the topic of mortgage forbearance and the information homeowners should know when requesting forbearance. Homeowners facing imminent foreclosure can request their lending financial institution to delay the foreclosure, and can catch up with their payments within an agreed upon time frame in order to avoid the foreclosure altogether. The delaying of the …

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Oct 22

Mortgage Refinance: Who qualifies and who doesn’t?

Many homeowners in Florida are underwater, i.e. they owe more than their property is worth. Homeowners who are falling behind on their payments, or have already fallen behind many payments face imminent foreclosure. There are several solutions for people who are not satisfied with their current rates, and find it difficult to pay them. In …

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Oct 12

Qualify and Benefit from Mortgage Modifications

Loan Modification Attorney

This blog about mortgage modification is a continuation of our series on important terms used in the mortgage industry. Mortgage modification, also known as loan modification can be extremely helpful for homeowners who are suffering from financial setbacks and are unable to manage payments at their current rates. Mortgage modification is different from mortgage refinancing …

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Sep 13

The Road to Nowhere – Negotiating With the Bank

With the upcoming elections it seems all the talk is about the economy and how to get us turned back around. President Obama says there isn’t going to be housing decline and the Romney camp is working hard to sell the message of hope and inspiration which make up the American Dream.  Are we headed …

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