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Nov 15

Will The Independent Foreclosure Review Help You?

According to the OCC’s new program, up to 4.5 million homeowners who had foreclosures filed against them in 2009 & 2010 will be eligible to have their foreclosures reviewed with an Independent Foreclosure Review to see if there is or was improper or fraudulent activity in their case. Is There A Catch? OCCLike most of …

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Nov 10

The Housing Industry You Can Depend On – Wrongful Foreclosure


“He was on his second trial modification, the last time his trial modification wasn’t converted to a permanent modification for some unknown reason, but Bank of America is here to help homeowners and they were nice enough to let him reapply…and so he did. This is the start of one homeowners nightmare with a wrongful …

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Sep 05

Did you know your taxes have to be filed to get a loan modification

For those that haven’t experienced the pain firsthand yet, you should know that tax forms are one of the most frequent and annoying requests that your mortgage lender will ask of you in the process of applying for a loan modification. So if you need to get your mortgage current and have unfiled taxes you’d …

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Jul 20

Some Foreclosure Victims Pay with Their Lives

reposted from Mandelman Matters Another Victim of the Foreclosure Crisis A man was injured on his job… then he was laid off… then his benefits ran out. He never was a day late on his mortgage payment to GMAC. Maybe that was the problem.  Maybe it was something else. The house was worth $250,000.  He …

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Jul 13

Announcing Our New IRS Debt Settlement Services

In the course of personally discussing issues with our clients, we have come to the realization that due to current economic pressures many of these homeowners are also in dire need of IRS tax relief.  The IRS is broke and, consequently, aggressively hammering people to pay their back taxes.  They are taking a much more …

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