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Dec 05

Two News Stories Show the Fight to Stay Housed in 2011

Two News Stories Show the Fight to Stay Housed in 2011   60 Minutes is out with another hard-hitting expose on the destruction of America’s middle class: “Hard Times Generation” revisits Central Florida to interview more of its suffering and struggling former homeowners. Watch the 60 Minutes piece: Hard Times Generation Another more atypical and …

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Oct 10

Anti-Debt Movement Sweeps Country, Camps Spring Up Across Florida

Originally a day to show support for the 6 month anniversary of the anti-austerity movement in Spain, in just a few weeks October 15th, 2011, became a global day of action against bank bailouts, budget cuts, and corporate greed. While a lot of the attention was on the 100,000 people in Rome, the strikes in …

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Oct 06

Join the homeowners occupation movement


A volatile stock market, a financial sector is scrambling to stay afloat, and anti-bank animosity is pouring out in the streets of America. It’s looking like 2008 all over again! But perhaps the main lesson to get out of the new “Occupy Wall Street” occupation movement is that the ’08 financial crisis never ended – …

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Oct 05

Go Big, President Obama, and Write Down Mortgage Debt!

President Obama

What can President Obama do to stabilize the housing nightmare the country is and has faced? Write down mortgage debt for the millions of underwater homeowners facing foreclosure. Debt forgiveness would be highly stimulative as well as just. Reducing the capital owned by families would enable them to keep their homes, rebuilt savings and begin …

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Aug 28

The Ins and Outs of America’s Recent Credit Rating Downgrade and How It Will Affect You

wall st

Basically, the situation with the recent credit rating downgrade of the nation is comparable to what would happen if an individual’s score declined. The riskier the customer, the more they have to pay in order to borrow money, and unfortunately, if the government has to pay more, then so will you. Mortgages – Fixed rate …

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