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At Amerihope Alliance Legal Services, we understand how to defend foreclosure and get the best possible results. It is our goal to provide you with the legal counsel that will aid you to stop foreclosure or that will offer you the best chance at a brighter financial future.

Oct 05

Go Big, President Obama, and Write Down Mortgage Debt!

President Obama

What can President Obama do to stabilize the housing nightmare the country is and has faced? Write down mortgage debt for the millions of underwater homeowners facing foreclosure. Debt forgiveness would be highly stimulative as well as just. Reducing the capital owned by families would enable them to keep their homes, rebuilt savings and begin …

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Sep 20

Successful Foreclosure Case of the Week

These Florida homeowners were 3 months behind on their Chase mortgage when they started the process to save their home, they are our successful foreclosure case of the week. They were paying $2,549.56 PITI with an interest rate of 7.125%. By the time negotiations concluded the homeowners were 17 months behind and in active foreclosure …

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Aug 15

Florida Homeowners Who Wish to Move Have Reached a Dead End

If you’re one of the many Florida Homeowners that wish to sell, the hard reality is that you are likely to have to compete at a 20%-50% discounted rate. Even if you have paid off your mortgage and decide to rent your property to someone else in order to move, if there are high maintenance …

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Aug 10

Fannie mae not immune to foreclosure lawsuit


Amidst reports that Fannie Mae has actually been encouraging foreclosures rather than loan modifications, Michigan state officials are suing Fannie Mae. Despite the fact that the Obama Administration is supposed to be supporting homeowners who wish to be able to stay in their homes, this practice is being conducted by Fannie Mae. Michigan has experienced …

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