Dec 03

Getting Help With Foreclosure

foreclosure-helpA recent study stated that about 50% homeowners do not seek help when behind on their payments until it’s too late and they receive a foreclosure notice. The results of this study didn’t come as a surprise to us, as most of the cases we handle belong to homeowners that waited and waited to seek legal representation.

The most common reason behind not seeking help is embarrassment. Many homeowners feel embarrassed about not being able to make their payments; however, in the current state of economy with so much unemployment, one should not think twice before contacting the lender and/or legal services.

Homeowners should try to avoid foreclosure by being proactive. If they foresee financial troubles, they should seek assistance immediately, if they feel they aren’t qualified to negotiate on their own behalf. . Lenders are not always willing to work with you to come up with a flexible plan, and you need to be aware of the guidelines of programs that are available to you

Homeowners may also be eligible for HAMP or HARP, and they should look into their options at the first sign of trouble. If you have received a foreclosure notice, it is still not too late. Getting help with foreclosure is easy once you know how to avoid scams, and how to find the right people to represent you.

Most legal companies with a successful record of helping homeowners will have customer reviews and testimonials available on official third-party websites. Amerihope Alliance Legal Services has helped thousands of homeowners avoid foreclosure, and you can read over 250 reviews by our clients here.

If you are looking for help with foreclosure, our foreclosure defense attorneys have the experience and expertise to help you. If you are making regular payments, yet foresee financial troubles ahead and don’t know what to do, our loan modification attorneys will guide you to get a better more affordable deal on your mortgage.

Getting help with foreclosure should not be a source of embarrassment, and you should not allow any psychological factors or social pressures to stop you from avoiding foreclosure and fighting for your home.

Amerihope Alliance Legal Services also provides free consultation services. We will be looking forward to hearing from you. Post your comments in the comments section, and subscribe to our blog for latest updates from the foreclosure front.

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