Nov 03

The Housing Situation and the Presidential Debates

Obama and Romney - Housing Crisis During Debates 2012It was reported in a recent article in The Nation, that about 15 million homeowners in US are underwater. Millions of homeowners draw closer and closer to foreclosure while the HAMP and HARP initiatives fall dramatically short of their targets. The article also discussed how such an important issue as the housing industry has so far been neglected in the ongoing presidential debates.

It appears that the two presidential candidates agree on most issues and how to resolve them, and mortgage and foreclosure seem to be the farthest thing from their minds. The HAMP and HARP initiatives introduced by the Obama administration are a sigh of relief to a few homeowners, but a large percentage is still struggling to make ends meet. Millions are finding it impossible to avoid foreclosure.

Both presidential candidates have come up with their plans on resolving the issue and to help the underwater homeowners, but both their plans have been widely criticized by experts in the field. The voters are still unclear about the candidates’ viewpoint about the mortgage and housing situation, and neither of the candidates has addressed the issue till date.

Housing hold an extremely important position in the country’s economy, and combined with unemployment and poverty, is one of the most important issue being faced by the people.

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Concerned parties all over the US are sending emails to both presidential candidates asking about the housing situation; even if these issues are being neglected for now, soon they will find their way to the mainstream media and the candidates will have to address these issues. We look forward to seeing what happens after the elections.

The legal team at Amerihope Alliance Legal Services is hopeful for the future, and we will keep you updated of any developments in the housing sector. Subscribe to the email list and leave your feedback in the comments section, we look forward to hearing from you.

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