Sep 13

The Road to Nowhere – Negotiating With the Bank

Mortgage Principal ReductionWith the upcoming elections it seems all the talk is about the economy and how to get us turned back around. President Obama says there isn’t going to be housing decline and the Romney camp is working hard to sell the message of hope and inspiration which make up the American Dream.  Are we headed down the road to nowhere when negotiating with the bank?

The fact of the matter is, the road ahead looks dark at best. Big Bank Bailouts, high percentages of foreclosed homes and yet we still have hope that someone will turn this sinking ship around. Do you find it odd that the only people ‘actually’ suffering from this whole entire mess are the homeowners, business owners, hard workers, college graduates – those with the hope of the true American Dream that if you work hard enough you will obtain it. They are the ones seeing the most destruction and yet the government and the banks continue to turn their head in the opposite direction.

What about all of those people who have worked their whole lives just to watch it slip through their hands. What about the successful factory workers whose job was lost not because of something they did, but because their company just could not compete any more. Who is responsible for saving those people?

We are. In today’s financial climate, it seems everyone is struggling. We aren’t making as much and our dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to. Most people are continuing to accumulate debt all the while they are falling behind on bills and mortgage payments. You are not alone, many Americans and people in the world are facing some of the same struggles you may be. Stay positive, and stay strong! There are real hard working Americans out there, who are fighting tooth and nail to save others just like you.

When reaching out to your bank just isn’t working because you get the cold shoulder or feel like they are jerking your chain, take the situation back into your own hands. They got a bail out, why shouldn’t you? Stop the frustration; instead grab the hand of a fellow American. Let us pull you from the trenches to save your home, your credit and essentially your life.

4 Common Frustrations When Dealing with Banks:

1. Cannot talk to the same person twice. You aren’t just dealing with the teller at your local branch; you are navigating your way through the maze of your bank’s convoluted corporate system. Most often you are transferred from department to department. As a result, you find that you’re repeating yourself. It is frustrating to speak with someone that you feel isn’t listening, and when this happens repeatedly, it is enough to make anyone feel like giving up.

2. Bank “doesn’t receive” documents. Sending and receiving documents should be a simple part of the process, but more often than not, the bank fails to “receive” them or they never make it to the right hands. When documents are lost, the process is delayed even further. When your home is at risk of becoming a foreclosure property, you don’t have time to waste, even if it isn’t your fault.

3. Time. Attempting a loan modification on your own is a job in and of itself. Many people complain of spending 45 minutes on hold. There just isn’t enough time in the day to worry about your finances, your family, your job and dealing with the bank.

4. Banks are inconsistent and unclear. As you are passed from person to person, you are told contradicting information. You can’t get a straight answer and things aren’t explained properly.

This is the game the banks know how to play and quite frankly they are damn good at it. They know how to keep you spinning your wheels while they sit back and play roulette with your home. You are the only one who can take back the control by hiring someone who knows how to make them negotiate in the best interest of you and your family.

Loan modifications work well for homeowners looking to keep their home and avoid foreclosure. Yes, it’s a tedious process and can be frustrating but with the right help it doesn’t have to be. Stop dealing with the BS and hand it over to a professional to relieve the strain. A New York or New Jersey foreclosure attorney can navigate the complicated bank system to get you the loan modification you need in a much shorter time period than if you work on it in your spare time.

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