Jun 25

Give Your House a Fighting Chance

blog3There is no law written that says you can’t pull your own tooth. But you pull it at your own risk.

Likewise, there is no law on the books that stipulates that you must hire a foreclosure defense attorney if you find yourself facing home foreclosure.

But let’s just ask: You’d want to keep that tooth, right? By the same measure, do you also want to keep your home? If the answer is yes, then why on earth wouldn’t you turn to a professional for help?


Sure, you’ve filled out paperwork before, and trying to get your way out of  foreclosure by depending on a scantily credited firm that provides you with little guidance and mounds of paperwork might give you pause. But then you might think, what’s the big deal? You’ve been filling in the blanks since you took your first test.


Just as going to a dentist can mean the difference between a lot of pain and suffering and getting to the bottom of the problem, letting an attorney  handle your foreclosure defense can help you not only navigate the rocky terrain of bank negotiations but might just be able to get you a lower mortgage payment along with the ability to stay in your home.


The bottom line is that homeowners should fight their foreclosure with an attorney on their side. An attorney will understand the paperwork that needs to be filed, the various methods for negotiating with banks and above all, add further credibility to your claims.


You could, of course, ignore the bank’s foreclosure warning, and if you’ve missed three consecutive months of mortgage payments, chances are the bank is banging at your door. A bit of free advice: It’s never good to get to a situation where you could get sued. If you are served a foreclosure notice, you will have only 20 days to respond and if you don’t, the bank may try to rush the foreclosure through. If the court system is moving efficiently you could be out of your home in six months.


We find that a majority of our clients want to keep their homes, but really need an affordable payment. They’ve gotten behind and now want to get back on track. We will work to negotiate with the bank and their lawyers to get you results.


We will prepare and file a notice of appearance that we are representing you as our client. And more times than not, we’ll bring the bank to the negotiating table for a conciliation conference. Much like mediation, this conciliation meeting gives both sides – you and the bank – the chance to come to agreeable terms, with the foreclosure defense attorney serving as your advocate.

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