Dec 15

Foreclosure Help from…Occupy Wall Street?

Occupy Wall StreetStruggling with continuous evictions and attempting to confront economic issues at the same time, the 3 months old Occupy Wall Street movement is setting its sights on the foreclosure crisis.

Championed by occupyourhomes.org, participants all across America are now learning about subprime mortgages and wrongful foreclosures and interacting with homeowners in mortgage problems to see if they can help. Some of the less well-intentioned are finding foreclosed homes and squatting in them. Some, like activists in Atlanta, have been blockading evictions and disrupting foreclosure auctions.

As well as causing increased anxiety and pressure on the banks for their hand in rendering hundreds of thousands of American homeless, these events are renewing calls for a foreclosure moratorium and investigation on improper mortgage and foreclosure servicing by the country’s largest mortgage lenders. With corporations profiting enormoulsy and government officials often covering up after them, people are finally taking this matter into their own hands.

Banks have already responded by increasing inspections of vacant houses and bulking up security at foreclosure auctions. No word yet on if they will actually help get the foreclosure justice that this newly empowered coalition is demanding.

Will “Occupy Foreclosures” finally make the foreclosure system change to value affordable mortgages and housed families over protecting the banks and the people that profit from them?

For now, we highly recommend you stick with consulting a experienced foreclosure defense law firm before inviting anyone to camp out in your front yard. Amerihope Alliance Legal Services has been helping clients stop foreclosures for 3 years without resorting to blocking intersections and shouting into megaphones!

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