Dec 05

Two News Stories Show the Fight to Stay Housed in 2011

Two News Stories Show the Fight to Stay Housed in 2011



60 Minutes is out with another hard-hitting expose on the destruction of America’s middle class: “Hard Times Generation” revisits Central Florida to interview more of its suffering and struggling former homeowners.

Watch the 60 Minutes piece: Hard Times Generation

Another more atypical and hopeful story comes out of a local news station in Atlanta, Georgia. Deputies and a moving crew were dispatched to a home in Atlanta to follow through on an evicti on notice, but when they saw who lived there, they did something quite unusual: they refused to evict the homeowners. Vinia Hall, age 103, and her daughter, age 83, have been living in their Northwest Atlanta home for over half a century and had no place else to go.

Under the watchful eye of community activists, deputies simply got back into their cars and left. Not long after, Deutsche Bank announced it would not pursue the eviction further. While there are countless other homeowners who have not been so fortunate, it does offer a glimmer of hope to see that some public officials are willing to resist our mortgage lender’s relentless pursuit of leeching profits out of the housing industry they destroyed a little over three years ago.

Watch the news report on the Hall household

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