Nov 05

Banks Foreclosure Attorneys’ Greed & Apathy EXPOSED

My Banks Foreclosure Attorneys’ Greed & Apathy EXPOSED

Bank ApathyWhile unsavory tales coming out of law offices that service foreclosures is nothing new for Floridians, a recent tale out of New York, another state we defend clients from foreclosure in, may set a new low for the attorneys put in charge of kicking millions of people out of their homes.

Leaked from an apalled former employee to the New York Times, photos from the Law Office of Steven J. Baum’s 2010 Halloween party show employees dressed as homeless people in a mock shanty-town, holding signs that mock the suffering they’ve caused as the state’s largest foreclosure mill, representing virtually every mortgage lender.

Just as most of the foreclosure mills in Florida, Baum is under investigation by the state Attorney General and has so far paid $2 million in fines for filing phony court documentation. The photos along with the description the ex-employee gave of the party really goes to show how the level of apathy, greed, and corruption has become common place amongst law offices who service foreclosure. Nationally, they’re actually nearing an agreement that could give them immunity from the occasionally outright fraudulent litigation they’ve performed even as many of them are STILL committing these crimes on a regular basis!

Foreclosure defense isn’t just any type of law – more often than not it is a commitment to not just use the law to make sure foreclosure proceedings occur correctly but to actively dispute forged and fraudulent attempts to take people’s homes away from them! If you are at risk of default you need to consider getting a consultation to know how to protect yourself – so contact Amerihope Alliance Legal Services for a free consultation today.

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