Oct 20

Successful Foreclosure Case Results

Mortgage Principal ReductionThis Florida homeowner hadn’t paid his mortgage for 18 months and was in an active foreclosure case. He retained Amerihope Alliance in September, 2010, right after being served foreclosure. His monthly mortgage payments were $1,856 with a 7.7% interest rate and he was $33,000 behind. This is just one of many of our successful foreclosure case results.

Amerihope Alliance Legal Services held a successful foreclosure mediation conference with Ocwen’s attorneys and our client’s past due balance was wiped clean and the foreclosure case was dismissed. Our client received a loan modification with a new monthly mortgage payment of $1,469.22, including escrows, for a savings of $387 per month. Their interest rate will be 3.875% for 5 years and then it will mature to 4.875%.

This is a great example of how hiring an attorney at the beginning of your foreclosure can help to achieve the best possible outcome for your family.

Remember, Amerihope Alliance Legal Services, we understand how to defend foreclosure and get the best possible results. It is our goal to provide you with the legal counsel that will aid you to stop foreclosure or that will offer you the best chance at a brighter financial future. When you work with a foreclosure defense attorney at our firm, you have the backing of years of experience and knowledge regarding mortgage law and foreclosures.

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