Oct 06

Join the homeowners occupation movement


A volatile stock market, a financial sector is scrambling to stay afloat, and anti-bank animosity is pouring out in the streets of America. It’s looking like 2008 all over again! But perhaps the main lesson to get out of the new “Occupy Wall Street” occupation movement is that the ’08 financial crisis never ended – a lesson that most homeowners already know too well.


Of course, many people trying to Occupy Wall Street….or Boston, or LA, or San Diego, or Miami, or Everytown, USA, are younger, concerned with student debt and unemployment. But all of these crises are brought about by the murky economic policies of our government – from foreclosure aid to tax incentives, everything has been geared towards protecting corporate profit as millions and millions of Americans slide towards poverty.


An objective analysis of this situation has always been Amerihope Alliance’s main message to homeowners – many banks have turned completely against homeowners and many government officials are actively helping them – leaving homeowners and foreclosure advocates as the only people protecting our entire housing market. So it’s very exciting to see another opportunity for victims of financial crime amassing to stop waiting for prosecutions that aren’t coming and demanding justice.


We’ll have to wait and see what develops – will we finally reject the ongoing corporate welfare regime and head back into fiscally sound reality like Iceland? Or will we see a ever-continuing series of bail-outs, austerity cuts, and street violence like Greece?


Of course, all important change starts at home. Maybe the people’s guillotine is waiting around the corner for Wall Street and maybe not, but all of America’s homeowners have to fight to keep their homes. Contact Amerihope Alliance today for a free consultation – let’s call it the homeowner’s occupation movement!

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