Oct 10

Anti-Debt Movement Sweeps Country, Camps Spring Up Across Florida

blogOriginally a day to show support for the 6 month anniversary of the anti-austerity movement in Spain, in just a few weeks October 15th, 2011, became a global day of action against bank bailouts, budget cuts, and corporate greed. While a lot of the attention was on the 100,000 people in Rome, the strikes in Greece, and the growing Occupy Wall Street marches, this has also become a week of firsts for all kinds of other places – such as Florida, which saw tens of thousands of people in the streets across the state which has led to countless camps dedicated to stopping foreclosures, student debt, war, and a variety of other populist beliefs.

Occupy Florida ( Anti-Debt Services )

Occupy movements are now campaigning or camping out in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tallahassee, Orlando, Tampa, Fort Myers, Melbourne, Jacksonville, Pensacola, Sarasota, Gainesville, Palm Beach, and Daytona Beach, with more likely in the works.

Over the weekend in Miami, over 1,000 advocates for employment, foreclosure and debt justice, peace, and prosecution of financial crime marched to Government Center, leading to over 50 people creating an ongoing camp despite a record breaking downpour that hasn’t stopped for 4 days.

Many people have been complaining that Occupy Wall Street doesn’t have any demands, but it is actually quite simple what they want: to end the financial crisis. This week is the three year anniversary of the collapse of Bears Stern and every attempt since by the financial sector, the government, and even the public, have only made it worse.



To be certain, these enthusiastic campers do not have all the answers as to how to keep people in their homes and restore economic stability to the country – but they are establishing a constant pressure on those that have been found to have been intentionally hurting the vast majority in order to keep the banks afloat through lax regulation, flawed settlements, currency manipulation and outright fraud. Could this become the mass movement needed to operate outside the electoral process in order to remove public officials who serve the banks and force the nation’s mortgage lenders to stop forwarding their debts onto the American people?


So if you’re camping out to end economic injustice than good for you – however if you’re packing up because your mortgage has become unaffordable – contact Amerihope Alliance for a free consultation to see if we can help you stay in your home!

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