Sep 05

Did you know your taxes have to be filed to get a loan modification

For those that haven’t experienced the pain firsthand yet, you should know that tax forms are one of the most frequent and annoying requests that your mortgage lender will ask of you in the process of applying for a loan modification. So if you need to get your mortgage current and have unfiled taxes you’d better find those W-2 forms and get a head start!


Whether it’s an in-house mod from or you are applying through HAMP, you have to have tax forms and a host of other financial documents ready, and you’d better be prepared to send copies of them over and over again because they will usually say they lost them.

Sound frustrating? It is. Luckily, Amerihope Alliance Legal Services is not only one of the best loan modification and foreclosure defense firms around but we now offer tax services! Now we can get our clients taxes put together, negotiate any tax controversy issues, apply them to a lo an modification request, and protect their homes from foreclosure filings. Keeping your home and finances intact in these times can be a real obstacle course thanks to certain banks and government agencies that seem designed to sap you dry – call our firm today for a free consultation to see if we can help you out!

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