Aug 16

Testimonial – Amerihope Alliance Has a “Passion for Helping Their Clients”

We just received this shining review from one of our clients. Read on to hear how she explains her relationship with our firm and the results we obtained for her.


We all read enthusiastic reviews on the internet about how Blah product or service is fabulous, but this company gives new meaning to the word!!


I’d like to share with you my experiences over an 8 month period. I hope that I can do justice to the phenomenal service I received. I must say, when I signed up with them initially for a loan modification, I was skeptical. First of all, I was battle-weary from having tried to do this on my own… submitting form after form after form and getting NO where: F-A-S-T!


Typically, when I called the service center (which I now refer to as the DIS-SERVICE CENTER) the phone would ring and ring and ring and ring, or worse yet, I’d get a recorded message saying that they’d be with me in just a moment… and then: the line would disconnect!!


By the time I found Amerihope (which I did while conducting a web search) I was pretty certain that I would lose my home. I read the reviews on them saying to myself that it was too good to be true, but what the heck, the amount of $ they wanted to ‘assist’ me was affordable…AND… they allowed me to pay it over a period of 3 months! (How reasonable can you get?)


My very first conversation was with Scott Porraro was a call that lasted nearly 45 minutes. (Yikes!) I then had further questions and I called his cell phone, only to find that he was on vacation in NYC. He assured me, however, that it was NOT a problem to talk with me, and we spent ANOTHER half hour answering question after question after question. He was most reassuring, and told me that Amerihope had handled many many cases like mine and was well equipped to help me.


At that point, I decided I had no other option, so I went ahead and signed up with the firm. Almost immediately afterwards: I think within 24 hours, I got all of the documentation from them. After working my way through that and providing a credit card #, I got an IMMEDIATE communication from Greg Nordt, Esq., who sent me pages and pages and pages of helpful information about the process, and what Amerihope would be doing for me.


Imagine my surprise, when close on the heels of THAT, I received ANOTHER communication via e mail from Maria Martinez, with whom I exchanged a total of 49 messages! (No, REALLY! 49 messages went back and forth between us. Each time I had a question, I’d e mail her and she’d respond. this is to say NOTHING of the AT LEAST dozen or so phone calls I got from her to clarify details or ask additional questions. You’d have thought this was her full time job to take care of ONLY me!)


In a word, she was reassuring, personable, knowledgeable and just plain NICE!! She explained things to me over and over and re-assured me that all was well when I would occasionally fly into a panic mode… it was Maria would verified that I’d sent all of the necessary docs . She stayed with me every step of the way until everything had been correctly submitted.


Immediately after hearing from Maria, I got an e mail and a call from Jimmy Sierra, who advised me that he was working with Scott and would be my case manager throughout the process. I immediately thought, “oh great: now I’m being shoveled from person to person to person.” I next got a call from Lissette German, Ligia Pena, Ruth Gross, and Cindy Kudart, all of whom had different questions/information for me and all of whom were just as nice as pleasant as they could be.


During this whole thing, I had occasion to call Amerihope’s offices from time to time and would like to say that the people who answer the phone are just a pleasant and as kind as the cast of characters above. They clearly ALL have a passion for helping their clients. I was unprepared for the overwhelming positive attitude they all expressed. (don’t know WHO does the hiring for Amerihope, but they are certainly doing an outstanding job at picking their employees!!)


In the days/weeks/months that followed, I was contacted CONSISTENTLY via e mail as each step in the process took place, or when I needed to provide something or other. The entire thing took approximately 8 months: I started on December 20th, 2010 and was notified by EMC that I’d been APPROVED FOR A MORTGAGE MODIFICATION on August 8th, 2011.


The good news is: EMC decreased my payments by $627!!! They went from $2,883 down to just $2,256 , with an interest rate of only 2%!! I was just flabbergasted, as I was SURE that I would be denied for this mod. Furthermore, I am convinced that it was by virtue of the intense activity and intervention on my behalf in which Amerihope consistently engaged that made this possibility a reality.


Jimmy Sierra was there for me EVERY step of the way… Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy: What can I say except that if you weren’t 20 years my junior and I wasn’t already married, I’d have to seriously consider making a bid for you!! There are no words for what you did for me, you are a stellar human being and a consummate professional.


Regardless of what we decide to do with this home in the future, you will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. I am happy to speak with anyone who is contemplating using Amerihope, JUST CALL JIMMY and have him give you my e mail address and/or phone number…


You hear so many horror stories about companies who purport to ‘help; clients stay in their homes – companies who are dishonest, unethical or unscrupulous. This firm is a refreshing contrast to all of those negative reports and I would advise ANYone who is thinking of a mortgage mod to RUN-not walk-to the phone and call Jimmy Sierra at 877-882-5338.


He is an exemplary professional who knows EXACTLY what he is doing and how to do it.


Thank you thank you thank you, Jimmy!


Thank you, E.C., for granting us permission to post this.

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