Jul 28

Unpaid Taxes Piling Up Everywhere

The certainty of taxes is a topic of fierce debate in our nation’s capital these days, but for most Americans, things haven’t changed much – record amounts of people owe taxes that they can’t realistically pay.

In an attempt to highlight their own state’s money woes, Wisconsin recently released a list of their top 100 delinquent tax payers, who take up a large part of the state’s total owed taxes of $750 million.

Often, the IRS’ glacial pace and the costs of daily living motivate people to just ignore their tax problems. Some taxpayers have be known to receive notice for taxes for the first time decades after the delinquency began!

There are a number of ways to resolve these situations. Of course the most common course of action is to have a skilled negotiator work out a reasonable payment plan for unpaid taxes.

However there are a number of different options available for the many unique tax situations that people fall into. Professionals can qualify taxpayers for penalty abatement, release wage garnishments and levies, and also make the difficult negotations needed to be considered for an offer in compromise.

If you have serious tax problems, you don’t have to let them fester for years…an experienced tax attorney can often get the IRS to settle with you! Contact us today for a free IRS tax controversy consultation!

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