Jul 13

Announcing Our New IRS Debt Settlement Services

In the course of personally discussing issues with our clients, we have come to the realization that due to current economic pressures many of these homeowners are also in dire need of IRS tax relief.  The IRS is broke and, consequently, aggressively hammering people to pay their back taxes.  They are taking a much more aggressive stand than ever before.  This has led us to one of our newest goals – assisting people with their IRS situations by offering IRS Tax Services in the form of Debt Settlement.

While tax negotiations are always best handled by qualified tax controversy attorneys, the actual settlement can take many forms.

Tax FormsA good tax attorney can negotiate a very reasonable payment plan with the IRS. While this is common enough the IRS will often set much higher payments for those that are negotiating on their own.

An offer in compromise is much more difficult to attain. A qualified representative is almost always necessary to get the IRS to agree to an offer in compromise because it results in the IRS receiving a significantly smaller amount than what is owed to them. This type of deal is only available under specific sets of circumstances.

If you have no disposable income you can be deemed currently not collectible. The IRS would agree to temporarily waive the debt in this situation.

Sending a well-worded appeal to the IRS can result in a penalty abatement. A CAP or CDP appeal will take the claim out of debt collection and allow it to be reviewed for having IRS fees and taxes waived in order to make paying the debt more realistic.

IRS levies can be incredibly harmful, and Amerihope Alliance is very effective at releasing levies and garnishments.

Finally, our tax attorneys can represent you at a tax audit, which are incredibly stressful and can result in further damaging tax problems when represented on their own.

Amerihope Alliance will still offer the same outstanding customer service, including our comprehensive QVault online system, for our debt settlement clients. We look forward to further aiding hard-working, troubled Americans from being overwhelmed by their financial problems – contact us today to get a free consultation about how IRS Debt Settlement can get you back on track!


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