May 04

When Foreclosure Defense Attorneys Care Too Much

We have written a lot lately about lawyers that are motivated by taking people’s money and do not deliver the results homeowners need. Ironically the announcement of the disbarrment of California attorney Michael Pines is a cautionary warning about lawyers of a different stripe: The kind whose compassion for homeowner injustice compels them to go outside the bounds of legal representation.

Earl Family

One of the families Pines advised to re-occupy their foreclosed home.

Pines has gotten quite a bit of attention shown on him in the last year or so, as his alarm and frustration regarding wrongful and inappropriate foreclosures made him go to unusual extremes. Pines began encouraging his clients who had lost their homes to re-occupy them. In one instance, on October 9th, 2010, Pines helped his clients, Jim and Danielle Earl, hire a locksmith to breka back into their foreclosed home. While the family only got to stay for a few days it caused a media sensation that in some cases made Pines look like a hero despite it clearly being inappropriate behavior for lawyer.

Pines was arrested twice in short order trying to re-occupy foreclosures for other clients, and he is disbarred in the state of California effective May first.

While it’s a sad state of affairs when someone who is supposed to be helping homeowners with professional legal representation encourages them to break the law, this situation reveals an interested predicament. When tens of thousands of people are having their rights to due process violated over their mortgage problems, how does a committed attorney do their best to save their clients’ homes?

The answer is that professional, experienced foreclosure defense attorneys have a variety of tools that are applied under the right circumstances to keep homeowners in their homes and keep the banks on the defense. From applying to a loan modification to foreclosure defense and even to mass joinder lawsuits, the legal experts at Amerihope Alliance Legal Services are always ready and willing to fight hard for their clients and never lead them astray. Contact us today to see what legal recourse you have to protect your home!

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