Apr 07

60 Minutes Exposes Major Lenders’ Deceptive Foreclosure Practices – FRAUD Revealed

Did you see The Next Housing Shock – 60 Minutes on CBS News? It is an excellent exposé that revealed banks’ deceptive practices for rushing foreclosures in and out of the courts. If you own a mortgage, regardless of its condition, you owe it yourself to watch this segment:

The paperwork forgeries and courtroom injustices that constitute the foreclosure system are being revealed. State & federal prosecutors’ attempts to sanction and prosecute mortgage lenders and reform the foreclosure system are floundering. While journalists continue to remind America just how much is at stake, Amerihope Alliance is working diligently to provide real solutions for American Homeowners.

Any homeowner that is looking for a loan modification or has a dispute to raise with their bank should consult a reputable foreclosure defense attorney.

Contact us for a free consultation to find out what programs you may qualify for.

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