Mar 18

New Lawsuit Designed to Cut Through The Banks’ Lies

Banks say they never break the law. The Federal Reserve has declared that there are no fraudulent foreclosures. And now, the 50 states’ Attorneys General have put on hiatus their negotiations for creating new loan modification standards.

Let’s face it: The foreclosure situation is as predatory and unfair as ever, and in 3 years no government agency has shown the resolve to fix it. In fact some have shown a high level of involvement in protecting the banks from feeling any consequences from their financial crimes.

For three years now, foreclosure advocates and defense attorneys have been the single source of innovative relief for victimized homeowners. Amerihope Alliance Legal Services, alongside Friedland & Associates, P.A. are now proud to offer a new foreclosure defense strategy for Florida homeowners:

Mass Litigation Against America’s Largest Mortgage Lenders

By now we’re all familiar with the deceptions. Banks that can’t find anyone’s paperwork. Fake fees. Constantly shifting note holders and foreclosing attorneys. Intentional, endless delays. Mortgages and modifications that are designed to default.

Until now there was really no way to confront the banks with their misdeeds. Our joinder lawsuit is designed for this purpose by joining thousands of victims together to make the banks hear our demands. Unlike a class action lawsuit, joinder plaintiffs can fight for whatever settlement they require until they are satisfied.

This can include negotiating for a fair loan modification or principal reduction, suing for a monetary settlement, or demanding that a “pretender lender” drop its foreclosure claim entirely. Because of the size of the joinder lawsuit, banks risk disaster by not considering these settlements. While this is one of the first in Florida, similar cases are appearing all across the country alongside suits filed by investors and government agencies, all aimed at the same mortgage companies.

While it will often take several years, joinder lawsuits can help save homes. If you experienced trouble trying to get a mortgage modification, have a sub-prime, adjustable rate, or interest only mortgage, or believe you are a victim of mortgage fraud, predatory lendering, or unfair lending practices, you may be eligible to join our joinder lawsuit.

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