Mar 24

$20 Million Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Puts Banks On Notice

David Brash, a soldier stationed out of Fort Benning, Georgia, was awarded with $20 million in a settlement against PHH Mortgage. The six day trial revealed the soldier’s accounts of lies and deceptions made by the company also known as Coldwell Banker, which resulted in wrongly destroying his credit rating and months of aggravation.

Only about $1 million of the award was for costs. The rest?

“The evidence showed that PHH Mortgage serviced approximately 1 million mortgages valued at $163 billion,” stated Charles Gower, Brash’s attorney. “The jury verdict on punitive damages was necessary to get PHH Mortgage’s attention.”

PHH Mortgage is expected to appeal the ruling.

Now Is The Time For Foreclosure Justice

Friedland & Associates, P.AYears have gone by as the banks have acted lawlessly. As seen in the above instance, the tables are quickly turning on deceptive mortgage practices.

To this end, Amerihope Alliance Legal Services, partnered with Friedland & Associates, P.A, are gathering participants for a Mass Joinder Lawsuit against the major mortgage lenders.

Amerihope Alliance Legal ServicesDesigned to put homeowner’s lenders in a spot where they’d be willing to negotiate, mass joinders utilize thousands of plaintiffs as pressure. The banks are then offered the settlement the borrowers are requiring to drop their suit. This can be anything from a fair loan modification to punitive damages for duress caused by bank’s unfair and deceptive practices.

While it will often take several years, joinder lawsuits can help save homes. If you experienced trouble trying to get a mortgage modification, have a sub-prime, adjustable rate, or interest only mortgage, or believe you are a victim of mortgage fraud, predatory lendering, or unfair lending practices, you may be eligible to join our joinder lawsuit.

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